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The present influence of children's past life memories

When children have nightmares parents will often tell them that it's just a dream. However, what if the dream is actually a recall of experiences from another lifetime? What if a child begins to tell people about his or her other life and previous identity while in an everyday waking state? These are questions that most parents may not encounter, yet there are many well-documented cases of children who do appear to be expressing details of memories from their previous lives. Therapist and author Carol Bowman has written popular books exploring the past life memories shared by children and created an online forum for people to share their stories. Unlike stories of past life memories described by adults under hypnosis, the children's accounts are usually spontaneous and not elicited by a therapist or other adults.

The Lifetime television series Ghost Inside My Child (currently showing on the Lifetime Movie Network) has explored these gripping stories, presenting impressive evidence that children can be affected by what they experienced in other lives. One such account is the story of Jamey, who appears to have gone down with the Titanic in a past life. Jamey's mother Susan Masino reports that she saw the pilot episode of the show and mentioned it to her son. They hadn't thought about it for a while, and then many months later when she was on AOL and saw a Huffington Post article mentioning that the show was looking for families to share their story she contacted the producers about her family's experience.

Their story begins when Jamey was 4 years old and his mother had left him with a babysitter for the evening. The sitter let him watch the last half of the Titanic film which was showing on TV at the time. The next day he was obsessed with the ship, and drew about 50 pictures of the Titanic ship within a week. He talked about it every day, and he began to have frequent night terrors, running around the house trying to get out, acting panicked. He had those night terrors and nightmares for 2 years and during this time he drew numerous pictures of the Titanic and told his family things about the ship that his parents didn't know about the ship. For example, he drew only 3 of 4 smokestacks with smoke and correctly informed his family that the 4th smokestack wasn't a functional one. He talked about how the ship was built with cut-corners, that he felt it shouldn't have sunk, and that it was awful that men were trapped in boiler rooms. He sobbed over it and said repeatedly that it wasn't fair, that it shouldn't have happened.

When a CD-ROM Titanic mystery game for computers came out his parents got him the game and he knew exactly how to get around the ship in the game. His family was amazed, as he literally knew the ship inside out. In the year 2000 the family went to a Titanic exhibit in Chicago and he studied everything intently. He was visibly shaken when he saw a large section of the ship which was part of the exhibition. Jamey couldn't read, and when visitors to the exhibit were given cards representing passengers on the Titanic, some who had been rescued and others who hadn't, Jamey's card was a passenger who had perished. However, his parents told him that the card he got said the person had survived. This seemed to relieve him.

A month later he had what his mother refers to as a "death dream" - she heard a pounding on his bedroom wall. She found him crouched on the bed staring at the floor and shaking violently, not aware of his mom being in the room. What sounded like a grown man's voice came from him screaming "she's going down." It took 45 minutes to calm him down. The next day when his mother told him he had a violent night terror, he said "the water was freezing." After that night he slowly stopped talking about it.

Jamey's mother believes that he helped design or construct the ship and went down with it. He is now a well-adjusted 20 year old, studying design and 3D animation. His obsession with the Titanic was not the first indication that he had memories from before his birth. His mother reports that at age 3, he said he chose his family, and he told his family "there's windows in heaven" and that he had watched his parents from there and chosen them.

He has received positive feedback from viewers of the show. His mother says they are grateful for the positive response and hope that what they have learned can help other children and families. She believes it is helpful for parents to know that it is best to let the child express the memories and experiences without discounting them. She was open to the idea of past lives and was open with letting him express it. She suggests that parents help the child express as much as they can remember. If there is something distressing that the child recalls, as the child expresses it then the child can get over it. This is a cathartic process, similar to what therapists use in working with children who have stress or trauma. By helping them express things in whatever way is natural to them it helps issues be released or resolved.

Susan says she can't wait for the new season of Ghost Inside My Child to start. She likes that other parents featured on the show also helped children express themselves and find resolution. As an example, she described the well-publicized case of the boy named James Leininger, who was a WWII fighter pilot in his past life. James was able to go back to being a regular child after his story was validated, as his parents researched his account and found people who actually knew the deceased pilot and corroborated the child's statements.

Whether you are an adult or a child, memories of another lifetime may be affecting you in the present. If things that you are experiencing defy conventional explanation, it may be helpful to consider the possibility that your soul's memories are arising to help you understand or resolve something that happened in another time.

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