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'The Preacher's Mistress' true story inspired by Vanessa Bulls?

based on a true story
based on a true story
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"The Preacher's Mistress" is a 2013 Lifetime movie likely inspired by the true story of Matt Baker-Kari Baker and his mistress Vanessa Bulls. The names were changed to Ed and Kelly Baker in the movie. "The Preacher's Mistress" is directed by Michelle Mower and written by Devin Dean and Michelle Mower. The cast stars: Drew Waters, Eleese Lester, and Natalia Cigliuti, according to the New York Times.

"The Preacher's Mistress" synopsis plot

A single mother thinks she has met the perfect man until she finds out the man is married with children. The man is not only married, he is living a double life as a famous preacher in his home town. Her world comes crashing down when she is embroiled in a murder investigation after the preacher's wife ends up dead.

According to Traciy Curry-Reyes of the Movies Based On True Stories Archives the movie is most likely based on a well-known Texas preacher who killed his wife in order to be with his mistress. Police say, Preacher Matt Baker killed his wife Kari Baker and made it look like a suicide. The Baptist minister's mistress, Vanessa Bulls, testified against him at his Houston murder trial, according to the Texas Monthly.

The Matt Baker case has inspired several books, documentaries and magazine articles.

'Sins Of The Preacher" is another Lifetime movie that is based on this case. Read the article here.

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