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The Preacher's Daughter by Kendra Dunn

The Preacher's Daughter Cover
The Preacher's Daughter Cover
La Femme Fatale Productions

A few days ago, I received the Preacher's Daughter in the mail and I immediately began reading it. I love urban fiction and this one did not disappoint. Shar is a preacher's daughter who has been warned to stay away from the "hood" but when Slay enters her life, he does just that: he slays everything that is dear to her. Shar loses her family, friends, freedom, and future. The three f's that are usually first to go in an abusive relationship. Did I mention that Slay is in a relationship with Aleesha, a woman ten years his senior who knows her place and plays her position? I wish I could say the same for Shar.

When Shar meets Slay, she is a naive 17 year old with long wavy hair that has been sheltered from the hood by her preacher dad with plans to go to college. Needless to say, Shar by passes college for an abusive life with Slay, who is controlling and very abusive. Shar adopts his ways and begins fighting anyone who looks at her sideways.

The ending is very shocking with Aleesha and Shar serving time for Slay's crimes while he leaves them to start a new life. But Slay has under estimated how much he has rubbed off on Shar, who is armed with $500,000 and a bone to pick.

A must read.