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The Power within your Hand

These days, we spend so much time with technology. Not just adults, but children interact with technology everyday, probably even more so than adults. Recently, I was chatting with my children, who all have iPhones, and I mentioned candidly to them, “do you guys really realize how much you can do from the palm of your hand?”

They looked at me, and didn’t utter a single word. That’s because they are so used to being able to do almost everything from those Smartphone’s, that they don’t know of any other way. However, they would rather text their friends, check their Twitter accounts, listen to music, or play games. I however, do more business things like checking email, bank account balances, updating my calendar, and doing research or listening to audio books.

So of course their response to what I do mostly with my phone was “boor-iiing Mom!” I have to admit, I may not have as much “fun” with my phone, but I see it more as a business tool, and being able to keep of with things if I can’t hop on my laptop. Because of what I told them, they began to look at their phones in a different way, and since they are getting older, I challenged them to use their phones in a more productive and business manner.

Now, they are focusing more on using their phones, not only as a means of entertainment, but as a device that will help them strive to make better lives for themselves. My children are smart, and have a lot of talent, so I expect great things from them since our little chat. They’ve also been around technology a lot longer that other children their age because of me and the field that I’m in. But because they are kids, they went back to doing the same things as usual, but I will revisit out little chat in a week or 2, and we’ll see where this goes.

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