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The Power of the Pause: Gulf Oil Disaster and Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill Common Denominator?



There are several similarities between technology and politics.  Both can evoke emotions in people and both can significantly change our lives.  Much like the techno gadgets we have all come to know and love (and develop addictions for), we, individually and collectively as groups are being programmed by the events that affect us on a daily basis.  And like the gadgets that are programmed to produce a desired result, we are likewise being controlled and manipulated, ever so lightly and subliminally, over time, to develop and exhibit behaviors and thoughts of a manifest intent.

So, what does this have to do with the Gulf Oil Spill and the Arizona Illegal Immigration issue?  One word, 'agenda'.  Both events, viewed independently, produce media coverage in a controlled fashion, a little dose of news on a daily basis to sustain readers (and citizens) as the events unfold.  Viewed together, however, a distinct and significant pattern emerges.  Both events are historical in nature in that they will change our lives, both possess important consequences and both generate polarized responses and camps, laden with emotions amidst the facts.  Interestingly, both involve 'environments', one physical (ocean) and one cultural (immigration).  Most importantly, both issues create opportunity, HUGE opportunity, to be viewed and used as marketing plans, with the media and the internet being the stage and method of mass communication to the public (John & Jane Q Public). 

If one investigates the phrase 'Power of the Pause', one finds references to effective communication...  and control; control of others thoughts, that is, leading to control of behaviors.  From a political perspective, control is an obvious goal, control of how people think will lead to control of how people behave, ultimately leading to control of how people will vote.  Ah yes, the ultimate prize for any politician.  Viewed through this lense, patterns emerge.  A long standing phrase exists that states "Delay is the Deadliest Form of Denial".  Now review both of these current issues with that thought in mind and the Power of the Pause will come into the light..

The Gulf Oil Spill Disaster is an undeniably horrendous (and ongoing) event that is poisoning our environment, killing marine life and adversely impacting real people's lives, now and well into the future.  It is also, sadly, an opportunity for political manipulation and control...  I am a very pragmatic individual and thinker...  I strive to see the 'bigger picture' and place things in perspective.  It is usually in that mindset that patterns become apparent and visible. 

With the Gulf Oil Spill, if you think in terms of historical technology accomplishments...  placing a man on the moon, breaking the sound barrier, understanding and controlling nuclear physics that result in atomic reactions... one would believe that simply stopping or plugging a leak in the ocean floor would be childs play.  To date, with reference to the Gulf Oil Spill (and stopping it) you have not heard of manned submarines that can withstand ocean depths and related pressures in excess of one mile.  In fact, in January of 1960 (yes, 50 years ago), the Bathyscaphe Trieste, a two-person submarine dove to a depth of 35,797 ft (roughly 6.8 miles) to the floor of the Challenger Deep, near Guam.  Yes, manned.  The Gulf Oil Spill location is at a depth of roughly 5,000+ feet.  Draw your own conclusions.

I also find it extremely difficult to accept the fact that a company as large as BP and a government agency as complex as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  would both be involved and responsible (or irresponsible) enough to allow the drilling of a well, any well, knowing the consequences of failure, without foolproof and demonstratable plan(s) to address a leak in the event one would occur.  Also, if the US government would have immediately stepped in and taken control of the situation, they would have become the primary focus of whatever results transpired (good and bad).  Remaining passive in the background enabled them to completely avert culpability for anything bad occurring (or so they thought). 

To the contrary, look at how effective the inability to stop the leak has been for the push for clean energy.  And, it has also been stated by 'experts' that plugging the well will likewise permanently plug accees to the oil reserves located there.  Huge profits and access to the natural resource.....  gone; if the well is sealed.  With the well still leaking, the oil remains accessible, albeit in a more difficult state to obtain... yet it remains accessible and BP's near $600 million dollar investment of the Deepwater Horizon platform remains recoverable, over time.

Watch a current timeline review of the BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster by Time Magazine:

Now, think about it.  Politics have become an immensely effective (however increasingly dangerous and intrusive) vehicle to provide a means to an end in this country and in our society.  Only in the near recent past, as a result of the internet, mass communication and the resulting availability of enormous amounts of information (from both sides of any issue), has true power come to the people (Information is power).  This leads then to a thought provoking question...  what would the FCC have to gain from regulating (i.e., controlling) the internet?   Elementary my dear Watson; control over the availability and content of information.  It's like harnessing the water at the Hoover Dam, only the water in this case is information.  Remember, information equals power.

The Illegal Immigration Issue in Arizona is another such issue.  The head of state, Governor Jan Brewer, has confidently and consistently stated that the 17 page SB 1070 (Senate Bill defining Arizona Immigration Boundaries and Responsibilities for State Law Enforcement personnel) simply mimics existing federal legislation (read it here).  Seriously, take the time to read it.  Why then, hasn't the federal government even taken the time to establish an ongoing dialogue with Arizona State officials to discuss (and resolve) the issue?  Remember, "Delay is the Deadliest Form of Denial".  Today's news release of respected Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz) repeating his one-on-one conversation with President Barack Obama leaves little doubt to the conclusion that both parties involved in the conversation can not claim different accounts of the interaction and concurrently represent the 'truth'. 

Subsequently, one of the two men is not telling the truth.  In fact, Senator Kyl, upon follow-up, has personally reiterated his stance, however, the president has not personally rebuked or denied the senator's claim.  That rebuke came indirectly through Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton (filling in for Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary).  Reasonable doubt?  The obvious implication here of the Power of the Pause is specifically what Senator Kyl contends.  Inaction by the federal government lends time and power to push Immigration Reform on a national scale...  But at what cost to the people of Arizona and the (legal) citizens of the United States?

Watch Senator Jon Kyl as he delivers his information to the public:

Watch Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as she speaks to the Illegal Immigration Issue:

The Power of the Pause is in effect and in its simplest terms, is an effective tactic that has been used for many, many years by speakers, salesmen, television pitchmen, even writers, and by politicians; in word and in deed.  Awareness is key to recognizing that it exists and when it is occurring.  A second thought I'd like to leave you with is that "Regulation = Control".  Draw your own conclusions and remember to look for "The Power of the Pause".

Note: This commentary solely reflects the beliefs and opinions of the author.  The intent is to stimulate thought about current events, leaving all conclusions to be drawn by the reader.  

Bottom line, be informed, conduct your own research, draw your own conclusions....  Everyone has a right for their own opinion to be respected and heard.  That is a founding tenet of a democratic nation such as the United States of America.  There is equal responsibility, however, for every American citizen, to take your citizenship and associated freedoms seriously... and consider them an obligation. 

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