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The Power of Prayer: Ben Ricketts

I just joined a Facebook group of more than 28,000 people praying for the life of one boy from Iowa, Ben Ricketts.

On Tuesday morning, the Des Moines Vineyard prayer list received an email prayer request for Ben from the Ricketts family in Cedar Falls, where they attend the Heartland Vineyard. On Sunday night, Dave and Steph Ricketts found their son not breathing, and the cord from the blinds was wrapped around his neck. Twenty-two month-old Ben was airlifted to a hospital in Iowa City that night.

Shocked and stunned, the Ricketts family immediately responded with prayer and reaching out to those who would pray with them for their son. They believe, along with thousands of others praying with them, in the power of prayer to heal Ben.

When Ben arrived at the hospital, doctors put him a drug-induced coma to get all of his energy going to his brain. An MRI confirmed that he had a stroke on the left side of his brain; however, the doctors do not know yet what affect it will have on Ben.

On Thursday, Ben had a neurological exam. God’s presence filled the room and Ben as he took those tests. He coughed softly when doctors checked his gag reflex, and he twitched lightly when his reflexes were tested in his arms and legs.

And today, Friday, Ben will receive another MRI and further neurological exams. The family implores your prayers over his testing this evening. Prayers for strength, courage and peace for Ben’s parents, Dave and Steph, and prayers for God’s miraculous hand and healing over Ben. With God, all things are possible. Follow his journey on his Caringbridge site, and join with me in praying for this precious little boy.

*** Update: Prayers of support for Ben Ricketts family


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