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The power of music

Enhance your world with music
Enhance your world with music
AP/Matt York

Mozart, Beethoven, names associated with classical music and prodigy.  In today's world parents correlate music with rock and roll or rap and may become fearful when their child displays an interest in music.  But according to U.S. Department of Education, the arts play a part in developing intellectual development in children."  Likewise, for college bound students, one year of visual and performing arts are required.  Therefore, musical exposure has powerful affects on children's learning ability.

Whether music is just a hobby or a career, exposure to music is beneficial to students in general.  According to, "children with musical exposure earned 53 points more on the verbal SAT and 39 points higher on the mathematical portion."  So, why not expose your child to music?  An instrument, from the piano, a guitar or even drums can enhance your student's ability in problem solving, communication, creativity, and innovation skills.  As the summer is embarking upon us, take this time to introduce your child to music, satisfy an interest or enhance their skills  The Vibe Performing Arts Studio in Santa Clarita cater to every age group even toddlers; and offer music, singing and dancing lessons.  Also, the D.E.E. Studio Productions in Stevenson Ranch  has musical theatre, vocal lessons, dance and acting classes; while Little School of Music has summer camps for all age with band and song writing classes.

As music is beneficial to learning, get your child involved today.  The talent your child exudes may help him/her to become the next rock star; a part of the $37 billion music industry. At the very least, music will give your child an outlet this summer and enhance his/her leaning in the classroom come this fall.  Embrace the power of music!