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The power of love

The Power of Love
The Power of Love

Love is the basis of all life despite what society is throwing at us at all times on what's important. You look at the news and all you see is what this celebrity is doing and what tragic events are happening in the world. They tell us to be thin, beautiful, successful, and have the right attitude to be accepted and to be happy in this society. The main thing they are not telling us is in the long run all of those superficial things don't matter.

Scientific statistics show that the happiest people in the world are those living in communities that are supportive of one another such as the tribes in the Amazon. They live a simple life based on love and basic necessities. These people are not concerned with what celebrities are doing. They don't focus on the negative things that are going on in this world that we can't control. They just live and love.

We all want the perfect relationship filled with love and support and yet there is a high divorce rate and sites like that promote cheating on your husband or wife. Their tag line is " Life is short, have an affair." Are they serious? They promote that cheating will make your relationship better and the worst part is that people buy into it.

Relationships work when they are based on love, communication, mutual respect and support. We have to learn to be that way to get that in return. Cheating promotes more cheating. Abuse promotes more abuse.

We cannot survive without love. Babies need to be held and loved to survive. There are studies that animals, plants, anything in nature is nourished and sustained by love. Without love it will die. The more love we get and give the more we become better and healthier.

Love comes from inside of ourselves. We need to love ourselves enough to give it to others. Without loving yourself you can give this and that to someone and always feel drained. Love is a strong human need that we all need. Your relationships, your children, your life wouldn't survive on love. We need to teach ourselves how to love and give and get rid of anything or anyone that brings us down to negativity and hate. Loving yourself and others is the only way to be truly happy.


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