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The Power of Knowledge

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Home Studio
Emmanuel Hernandez

When you're in the music business, having resources is invaluable. Over time I have found that the more resources I have, the easier it is to focus and reach my goals. Whether they are personal or professional goals, the right resources can change the game. Over the years I have found that the following resources have been full of information, saving me time and headaches.

1. Podcast
Podcast are the best bang for the buck, they are a must. You can listen to them while driving, eating your favorite snack or even when you are hitting the gym. The great thing about podcast is that they can be with you anywhere you are. There are hundreds of podcast available, too many to list. These are the ones that I recommend.

- The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

If you believe that your music career is a business, this podcast is for you. The lessons that can be learned here are numerous. Howes, delivers his podcast message through interviews with successful entrepreneurs, taking time to delve deep in his interviews. Some of his guest include Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferris.

- Music Marketing Dot COM Podcast by David Hooper

David Hooper takes the obvious and makes it even more obvious. Throughout his podcast he uses his expertise on the music business and shows you how to apply these techniques to your music career.

2. Websites

Become familiar with these website and if you aren't, drop what you are doing and get to it.

- SoundCloud

I love this site. Easy to use, the clean interface lets you navigate without confusion. The beauty that lies in this site is the incredible potential to meet and collaborate with artist in your genre. Armed with a smart phone, the mobile the app allows for quick access to record and upload straight to Souncloud within seconds. All it requires is a user account.

- ASCAP and BMI -

These two sites go hand in hand. ASCAP and BMI are two of the biggest Performance Rights Organizations in the United States. The information found on these sites can vary from copyright, licensing, publishing, royalties etc. Not only do these organizations offer all of this information, they even offer workshops for songwriters.

- Copyright

Becoming familiar with copyright and how it protects your work is crucial. Not only will you gain a better understanding on copyright, the information can be used every step of your music career.

- Entrepreneur Magazine

Again if you look at your music career as a business, this website is full of content. Like every succesful business that relies on information to get ahead, Entrepreneur Magazine helps you understand the mindset of successful business owners. Plenty to read and learn here.

3. Books

- Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

One of the best books to motivate you to do what you love to do. Filled with business tips and a fresh perspective on what life is about, Tim Ferris does a phenomenal job explaining what needs to be done in order to achieve the goals you want to reach.

The resources mentioned here are from my experience, I have found them beneficial from the moment I started using them. Remember that the right resource can change the game.

Emmanuel Hernandez

Trovador Music Publishing

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