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The power of fashion has the ability to transform

Fashion is not merely for the high society, upper class looking for a way to show off their wealth. No. Fashion is the expression and definition of a certain individual

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It takes seven seconds to make a first impression; and fashion, or appearance, owns the majority of that impression. A good sense of fashion means understanding what looks best on different body types and why. Knowing how to play with the eyes; using appearance as a weapon in the harsh world.
Understanding the power that a simple image holds is vital. A picture’s worth a thousand words; one fashion photograph screams a thousand words of color scheme, what to wear, how to wear it, how to pose, and inevitably, how to look for that particular emotion.

Not only does a fashion photograph express the look of an emotion, but it also makes its viewers feel that exact emotion. People feel differently about themselves when confronted with good or bad fashion photography.

In the real world, individuals feel better about themselves when dressed fashionably; defining who they are and making them appear professional and well educated. The power of fashion has the ability to transform a shy, overlooked girl into a confident, dignified young woman; powerful in her appearance and shining in the spotlight.

The expression and definition of the emotion of an individual is the description of fashion. And the power one fashion photograph holds is enough to alter the way people view and express themselves. Fashion is for individuals, and fashion photography is for the world.


  • Steph 4 years ago


  • Ellen 4 years ago

    Very nice Sarah!! I didn't know you were writing too?!

  • GaBe 4 years ago

    I GIVE THIS ARTICLE 13 out of 13....!
    fyi 13 is my favorite number =]

  • Priscilla Ahn 4 years ago

    Yes! The power of fashion has the ability to transform!!

  • amy 4 years ago

    great job! =) ... makes me want to get dressed up! LoL

  • Christal 4 years ago

    So true...thanks for sharing your perspective and experience....well done, Sarah! I'll be looking forward to your next one!

  • Amanda - Indianapolis Healthy Living Examiner 4 years ago

    Welcome to Examiner! I'm looking forward to reading your work. I need all the fashion help I can get.

  • cornelius bigglebee sanchez jr. 4 years ago

    sarah, definitely some of your best work. i look forward to reading your future articles

  • cornelius bigglebee sanchez jr. 4 years ago

    sarah, definitely some of your best work. i look forward to reading your future articles

  • Chris Nightingale 4 years ago

    I love this writer, she obviously has a vast understanding of the subject matter and presents it in such an eloquent way. Being a stereotypical male fashion is a bit of a mystery to me. This writer explains the ways that fashion impacts life in so many ways. Specifically to me though in the business world. After only one day of implementing her advice I increased my sales and also left a bigger mark on the clients I went to serve. I am sure that with her advice I will be able to impact my clients even more in the coming days. I also will be making our sales staff read and implement these simple tips to further their own sales careers. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU



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