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The power of extracurricular activities

Activities are positive tools
Activities are positive tools
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As prevalent as the common cold, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a diagnosis parents dread as their child's life is changed forever.  According to Dr. Russell Barkley (2010), "in a class of 30 students one out of three children will be affected by ADHD."  This diagnosis may bring a gamut of issues ranging from learning disabilities to delayed emotional development.  Though there are many ways to help the success of your child from medicine to regime, extracurricular activities are a way to provide your child with an outlet.

The power of extracurricular activities should not be ignored as the right activity will help a child's motor skills, assist with improved focusing and help with social interactions.  An activity, such as martial arts or swimming will provide a child with ADHD, focus, drive and a means to learn when and how to communicate.  A glowing example is Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps who is diagnosed with ADHD but channels the negative effects through determination to succeed at his sport.  Perhaps your child is interested in a team activity.   Many cities are currently holding sign-ups for fall teams/classes, such as football, cheering leading and gymnastics.  In the Valencia area on March 20th, sign- ups are available for football and cheer leading and this outlet may be a match for your child. In addition, Waller's Academy is offering 20%off for new gymnastic students. www.wallergymjamacademy

Obviously, as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects each individual differently, it is imperative to consult a doctor for extracurricular activities may be one element to your child's overall treatment.  Other entities may include medicine or school services. Finally, as knowledge is golden, ADHD, by Mark Selikowitz is an excellent book to reference.

ADHD does not have to control your child because with activities along with other methods, your child can be successful over the diagnosis.