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The power of Enzymes


We all know that eating right and exercise are keys to a healthy lifestyle, and it is absolutely true! But even when you think you are eating healthy are you really getting the full benefit from all that you are doing? Our bodies are natural wonders that are made to break down, convert, and use everything we put into them, but once we cook our foods in any way we have destroyed the main ingredient present that helps us to do all of this and that is Enzymes. By following a raw diet or consuming large quantities of juices do you get enough enzymes to meet your needs? According to DicQie Fuller Ph.D,D.Sc. "raw foods provide only enough enzymes to digest the food containing them, in whatever quantity of that food is ingested, and there are no extra enzymes to digest cooked or processed food that may be eaten at the same meal as the raw food." Because of risk of bacterial contamination, many foods should not be eaten raw. These include meats, poultry, eggs, and beans.

If you are like 99% of the population you are asking yourself why have I never heard of the importance of enzymes before? The simple answer is that there are not yet enough knowledgeable people on this subject. Nobel Prize nominee and world renowned researcher Dr. Peter Rothchild M.D. writes "Many studies show enzymes when taken orally, demonstrate benefits against circulating immune complexes, rheumatic disorders and acute immune diseases." Nobel Prize recipient Dr. James B. Sumner states, "The getting old feeling after forty is due to reduced enzyme levels throughout the body. Young cells contain hundreds more enzymes than old cells. Old cells are filled with metabolic waste and toxins." Building new muscle, flesh, bones and riding the system of toxins all depends completely on enzymatic activity.

The next time you are at the doctors, arrive a few minutes early and watch the number of drug company representatives that pour in and out of these buildings on a daily basis. Watch the news and see what percentage of commercials are for some kind of drug, and even worse listen to the possible side effects from taking these drugs. Many of these drugs are needed by the individuals taking them, but with proper enzyme balance in our bodies perhaps the reason for taking these drugs would never occur. To find these remarkable products as well as DicQie Fullers book visit


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