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The Power Of Beliefs

“There is no more powerful directing force in human behavior than belief. In essence, human history is the history of human belief. The people who have changed history-whether Christ, Mohammed, Gandhi, Edison, Einstein, or Mandela-have been the people who have changed our beliefs.” ~Joseph McClendon

Studies about the power of the mind are some of the most fascinating studies of all time. As we have previously discussed, there are a number of experiments done in medical schools where students are given a drug that should make them feel tired, but they are told the drug will give them energy. Roughly half of the students matched their experience with their expectation. Even though they took a drug that should have made them sleep, they felt a burst of energy because they were told it would give them energy.

Others have shown the impact of placebos. Some were told a certain drug was so powerful it would cause hair loss, and that was experienced by the clients.

Anthony Robbins shares a remarkable story of a woman who had multiple personalities. One personality she was healthy, in another personality her bio-chemistry changed and her blood sugar levels were diabetic. Her belief, just like words, changed her bio-chemistry.

We do the same thing all the time in our lives. If we focus on fear or anger, our bio-chemistry is radically shifted and thousands of chemical changes happen in our body to match the emotion. Intense pleasure does the same thing.

As Joseph McClendon shares, a number of well-documented cases of people under a hypnotic state have shown the power of expectation. When told they were being touched with a hot iron that was really a piece of cold steel, they inevitably developed a blister on the spot where the metal touched their skin.

As McClendon shared, “What counted was not reality but belief-the direct unquestioned communication to the nervous system. The brain simply does what it’s told.”

In discussing recover, Norman Cousins, whose books can be found at the Cleveland Public Library, wrote, “Drugs are not always necessary. Belief in recover always is.”

Anthony Robbins puts it another way when he says, “Belief is the drug.”

All of these show the incredible power of directed belief. Here is the key, many beliefs people possess came from outside sources. Many support disempowering beliefs and reinforce them in their own mind by continual self-talk.

At any moment we can change that self-talk and change our beliefs to be empowering commands to our entire person to reach the goals before us.

As has been oft quoted, whether you say you can do something or you say you can’t, you’re right.

Instead of letting this self-talk and instead of letting undirected beliefs run your brain, choose instead what you believe and what you say over and over to yourself. Simply list ten things you want to be and say them as if you already are that person, then repeat those ten things with passion and intensity in the morning and in the evening for ten days.

As your language changes, your belief changes, and then everything changes.

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