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The power of authenticity

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Long Beach audiences appreciate an authentic speaker. In fact, audiences everywhere respond to and engage with authentic speakers.

What does that mean?

When a speaker is authentic, they are worthy of the audience's trust and belief. They are real. They are true to their own personality, spirit and character.

When you give a presentation in your own authentic voice, from your particular perspective and you are credible in your knowledge, you are using the "Power of Authenticity."

The Power of Authenticity can be what sets you apart from other speakers on the same topic. Realize this: No two people are exactly alike. Even if five speakers give a presentation on the same, exact topic, if each one uses the Power of Authenticity … each speech will be unique.

For example, if you have conversations about eclairs with a trained pastry chef and a home cook, do you think those two conversations will be the same? Of course not. Each person will come to the topic with a different set of experiences, knowledge and opinions, and therefore will give different information emphasis.

When you bring the Power of Authenticity into your speeches, some people will not resonate with you. That’s O.K. They are not your ideal audience. They are not your tribe. When you embrace the Power of Authenticity, you will attract those who were meant to, and who need to, hear about your topic of expertise in the way that only you can talk about it.

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