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The power of a wig

For many relationships a dwindling sex life is more than a commonality, it has become a way of relating. Just as all the other levels of compatibility are gauged, NOT having frequent sex can be just as easily measured when you’re in a committed relationship, but why? Why is it that having an amazing and frequently occurring sex life, while in a relationship, is something that’s considered to be abnormal? Well, couples become indifferent towards one another, sex becomes work, and it all rolls downhill from there. It seems that single people know what coupled individuals forget: variety is hot!

If role playing and diversity isn’t something you practice simply because you’re lazy, taking that first step will be the best thing your relationship has seen in months. However, if you’ve neglected to try and spice up your relationship's dulled sex life because you aren’t comfortable with your mate enjoying the experience of doing the do with someone who isn’t you per se, then don’t underestimate the power of a wig!

Seriously, the idea of variety worries many partners because they fear that they won’t be able to enjoy one another unless they are pretending to be someone else. While this may happen in an assumingly small amount of couples, the truth is you both are still yourselves! Role playing is all about changing the element from a depressing and pressured one and turning it into a sexy, carefree environment where passion reigns supreme. Throwing on a wig is an easy and frugal way to change up your appearance a bit and give your physically challenged love life some much needed energy and courage. The wig itself means nothing; what it will allow you to do is where its value lies!

Adding an element of mystery and sexuality to the same-old, same-old of anything will bring about a newfound breath of freshness. A sex life needs variety in order to remain active. So look at it this way: he’s not enjoying "Candy, the Naughty Secretary," he’s enjoying your newfound uninhibited sexuality and creativity.

Men are visual. That is a well known sensibility, yet it is far too under practiced in relationships. Take some time and ponder this: if he came into the bedroom with a tool belt around his disrobed waist and gloves on his hands saying he was there to "lay new pipe in your bathroom," would you be so quick to feel threatened?

Take this opportunity to put the sex back into your relationship without fear, and plan on a night of fun, passion and reinvigorated lust!


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