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The Power behind a Private Pilates Lesson

Why do some Pilates studios have you start with an introductory Pilates private lesson? The answer is simple. The instructor needs to learn about how your body moves and your strengths and weaknesses. It benefits you as a student because your first experience with Pilates will be more in-depth and the teacher can introduce modifications to the exercises as needed.
Each of us has “stuff” that is going on our bodies. Even runners who appear to be in tip top shape, may have tight hamstrings or old injuries that flare up. Having a private lesson means that special attention is given to “your stuff” and that the instructor can pay close attention to which exercises may need to be modified.
Group mat classes are great; however the teacher cannot possibly cater to each and everyone’s needs in class if they haven’t worked one-on-one with their students. There may be certain exercises that need to be modified for you.
Private Pilates lessons will give you the power to perform each exercise to your fullest with guidance and direction just for you. So when you go into that group mat class you know exactly what to do for your body and the instructor knows how to cue you about modifications.
Think they are too expensive? Think again…many Pilates instructors offer packages with discounts and some instructors may be open to trading expertise. Having a Private Pilates lesson is like working with a physical therapist and personal trainer at the same time.
Your body is worth it! You have the power to feel better today with private Pilates lessons designed just for you.
 The Power Behind a Private Pilates Lesson