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The Post Office is stamping out hunger on Long Island


Leave food in your mailbox on Saturday.  ZF Photography

This Saturday, May 8th is the United States Post Office annual food drive.  On Long Island, if you leave a bag of non-perishable food next to your mailbox on Saturday, your letter carrier will collect it and it will be donated to local food banks.

The food banks receiving the donations this year on Long Island are United Way of Long Island, Island Harvest and Long Island Cares - The Harry Chapman Food Bank.

It's hard to imagine, but thousands go hungry everyday on Long Island and most of them are families with children.  If everyone left a few items of food by their mailboxes on Saturday - what a different it would make for a nearby family.   Just that extra box of cereal and the can of vegetables you brought on sale last week.  Make sure your donation is in a bag that will be easy for your letter carrier to hold with their mail deliveries.

The Post Office now has collection tubs in their lobbies, so if you cannot leave food for your postal carrier - drop it off.

There are many sponsors of this event, but the letter carriers are the ones who organize and do the work for Stamping Out Hunger.  This event has been happening for 15 years on Long Island and has helped so many.

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