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The Post and Governor Perry and Mayor Gray

Governor Rick Perry and DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray
Governor Rick Perry and DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray
Office of the TX Gov & DC Gov

The governor of Texas, Rick Perry has been indicted, fingerprinted, and booked on two (2) felony charges on abuse of power allegations. He maintains his innocence and vows to stay in office.

Regardless whether you feel the indictments have merit or is political, the fact is a grand jury of his Texas constituents found merit to indict their sitting governor following an investigation on a complaint filed against Gov. Perry. According the Houston Chronicle, several members of the Texas grand jury dismiss allegations their decision was political.

Despite these judicial developments, Gov. Perry remains in office and will continue to consider a possible run for the Republican nomination for president of the United States.

But at this moment, in an editorial on Gov. Perry's indictment, The Washington Post demonstrates complete intellectual hypocrisy and full editorial dishonesty through the minds of Mr. Fred Hiatt, its editorial page editor and Ms. Jo-Ann Armao, its District editorial writer.

When you balance the editorial position of The Washington Post on Gov. Perry against its nearly four (4) year editorial onslaught against District of Columbia Mayor Vincent C. Gray, you not only see hypocrisy, but also arrogance.

This is another example of The Washington Post's shameless disregard for editorial decency. In its repeated editorials against Mayor Gray, this editorial board and Ms. Armao committed the very intellectual offenses for which it finds faulty in the indictment of Gov. Perry.

I have long ago lost respect for editorials initiated by Ms. Armao on the District, particularly local politics. Her commitment to due process is suspect and her conversational outreach to respecting varying views clearly does not exist. What is further disappointing is the silence and duplicity of her colleagues in her unabashed attacks and mischaracterizations on Mayor Gray.

The United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Ronald C. Machen, Jr. has been investigating Mayor Gray throughout the mayor's term of office. While Mr. Machen has been nibbling around Mayor Gray, he has not brought any charges against Mayor Gray and in my opinion will not.

In the absence of an indictment and conviction, the collaboration and coordination effort to smear Mayor Gray in the public by Mr. Machen and Ms. Armao, has been a corrupt joint enterprise and a clear abuse of office and privilege.

Despite this fact and ignoring Constitutional principles of due process and rights accorded to Mayor Gray, the editorial board of The Washington Post led by Mr. Hiatt and Ms. Armao published many editorials, op-ed opinions, and articles to designed to press for the resignation of Mayor Gray.

Yet, no such similar editorial commentary and news articles against Gov. Perry.

The repeated editorial double standard evidenced by The Washington Post (and others in the local media) is not so shocking albeit distasteful.

The important issue here is not the guilt or innocence of Gov. Perry or Mayor Gray.

It is the utter lack of editorial ethics and standards exhibited by The Washington Post, Mr. Hiatt, and Ms. Armao.

There is little integrity left in the intellectual foundation of The Washington Post led by Mr. Hiatt and Ms. Armao.

The past editorial attacks by The Washington Post and Ms. Armao against Mayor Gray show a clear hostility directed at him and reflects its subliminal support for the disdained U.S. Supreme Court Dred Scott concept Mayor Gray has no rights which The Washington Post is bound to respect.

In this editorial, The Washington Post, Mr. Hiatt and Ms. Armao display a reckless disregard for due process, but reveal its newspaper vendetta against Mayor Gray which is senseless, heartless, without integrity, void of ethics, lacking a noble principle, and respecting his rights under law.

Rather than issue an ALS #ICEBUCKETTCHALLENGE to the editorial board of The Washington Post, its publisher Ms. Katharine Weymouth, Mr. Hiatt, and Ms. Armao, I challenge them to display within the pages of The Washington Post core values of “Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.”

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