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The possibilities with Possibiliteas

Creativitea, Claritea, and Productivitea
Creativitea, Claritea, and Productivitea

Besides relaxing with a cup a tea, how about sipping tea that can help brain function? Possibiliteas are three types of custom-blended, organic teas that enhance the ability to put your imagination to work. The trilogy of teas: Creativitea, Claritea and Productivitea contain organic tea leaves, herbs, flowers, chocolate, fruit, and vanilla.

With tea as the second most consumed beverage in the world next to water, Possibiliteas was created by agent, author and tea enthusiast, Regina Brooks. Brooks believe that tea, the world’s oldest performance-enhancing beverage; could have a beneficial effect on her clients—writers, artists and other creative professionals who were looking for fuel for their creative fire. She partnered with a world-renowned tea-expert to create the three teas, and tested them on creative professionals.

The Creativitea is made with chamomile to relax the body and center the mind. It also includes Lavender and lemongrass to add scent to sooth. The second tea, Claritea was created to help bring balance to one's brain. A green tea that includes rosemary and a touch of Brahmi, this tea will stimulate memory and help mental alertness. Lastly, Productivitea puts the imagination in action. Made from Fromosa Oolong, Nilgiri black teas, South African Rooibos and organic chocolate from Central America.