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2014 Winter Olympics

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The Positive Effects of Watching the Winter Olympics with your Children

As you know, the Winter Olympics has started just this week. Its very exciting to watch, and brings out the competitor inside, as well shows everyone coming together in the entire world. Different countries can put their differences aside and join together for joy in sporting events.

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Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images
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The Olympics and can truly be a family event for many reasons. This year the Olympics are held in Sochi Russia. These Olympics hold events such as, skiing, and ice hockey, as well as speed skating.

One reason why is good to watch the Olympics with your kids is because they can learn its like to work on a team. When an athlete goes for the Olympics they see many people working together to get them where they need to go to achieve their ultimate goal of winning the gold. Such as coaches or physical therapists, and parents and family are always parts of the team to help them along.

Olympians can also work together with their teammates. Getting along with other teams from other countries brings a positive spirit of the games.

For kids to watch the Olympics, it really shows that people who work hard and practice can pursue a dream. Watching documentaries of Olympians and how they came to be. Having kids watch these shows can really make them wanted to pursue their dreams. It can helpful for kids who play sports, or have a passion of wanting to be good at something.

Practice makes Perfect. Showing your kids that these athletes didn’t start out being great at their sport, they spends hours, weeks months perfecting their expertise, it really inspires them to keep practicing what ever they love to do.

The winter Olympics have already started. Be sure to sit down as a family and watch the games together. It really is something to watch.

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