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The Poseidon Adventures: Interview with Porter Robinson and Zedd

Porter Robinson and Zedd
Porter Robinson and Zedd

Every once in a while, a co-headlining show comes around that makes you wish you had 1,000 tickets to distribute to all of your friends. Tonight is that such show, a sold-out gig at the intimate Yost in Santa Ana. German wunderkind Zedd and North Carolinian Porter Robinson are bringing their recently skyrocketing careers to the West Coast for a night of back-to-back music. Zedd’s riding high off of his newest release, “Clarity,” which has found its way to the top of nearly all charts that feature EDM (Beatport, iTunes, etc.) while Porter is fresh off of his own headlining tour, which came around Los Angeles a few months ago with fellow OWSLA labelmates The M Machine and collaborator Mat Zo.

Both are on pace to have stellar careers and both answered a few burning questions I had regarding their current success, their plans for staying relevant, and what to do about inflatable razors.


How did your family react to your New York Times piece?

They were really proud!!!

So, say I’m 15 years old and I attend my very first Zedd show and am lucky enough to catch an inflatable razor and bring it home. What the hell do I tell my parents when they ask “what is this thing?”

You tell them to shave it up. If they ask why - just go in your room but don't slam the ****in' door!

In your opinion, what is it about California that makes it such a hotspot for electronic music?

Well, first of all, EVERYONE is there. That's very attractive as a musician because there's lots of ways to link up with other musicians or people in the industry. Other than that, the great weather makes more and more people want to go there. I guess it's just a good combination of all; California is just amazing!

What’s your take on switching from gigantic live shows to playing tiny clubs on a single tour?

I like both - they both have a very different atmosphere. On the tour we're playing venues that go up to 2300 cap sizes down to venus like Voyeur in San Diego (which I've played about 6 times already) which only holds about 400 people- I still love it. Very intimate.

After touring and playing with guys who have been doing what you’re doing for over 20 years, have you picked up any secrets to longevity in this business?

Being yourself is what will make you survive through ANYTHING. If you make music to please someone it's the first step in the wrong direction. Always do what you believe in, no matter what people say. Only way to go!


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