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The Oregon Vortex and voyage into the unknown

The truly unusual and spectacular
The truly unusual and spectacular
Jodi Emmer

The untalented, ignorant, fat cow of a mindless writer has decided to proceed on and continue along the journey of so many food and travel critics that have gone on before her. She has received many death threats, many, many technical and journalism corrections that take on a new level of hate and condescension that one wonders how there can be any true and honest critique of anything, hell, never mind the restaurants and establishments that exist throughout this amazing country, the point is, people only hear what they wish to hear, and when confronted with someone who writes a critique of their town, their recourse is to find fault with the writer who created the words, not the actual residents who created the town and all the businesses within it which were there long before any writer ever embarked upon a journey of discovery of what the town has to offer.

Moving right along, the mindless writer lands in Portland, Oregon the amazingly cool and very relaxed city in the Pacific Northwest that has many interesting businesses with great food, drink, comedy, creativity and fun that makes Brunswick, Maryland look like an ugly pit stop along the insignificant and tiny towns of American life (very much as significant as the repaint a basic view in itself).

The food in Portland is excellent and new and non-pretentious. The beer is unique and well-made and they offer so many options and choices. Many exhibits and farmers markets allow one to sample the new food and drink that Portland has to offer. It is an endless journey of exploration that one experiences in Portland.

The Loaded Brush in Portland, Oregon offers its residents a truly creative journey into the possibility of becoming a real artist. A powerful and poignant idea is brought into the room with its laid-back art instruction on how to paint a basic portrait, or landscape or abstract painting.

The art class is being taught by Nathan Turner who has been painting for fifteen years and has acquired an authentic following of students who learn from his relaxed talent and wisdom of art. He is unpretentious in his teachings, and there is plenty of wine available during the art class that reminds the artist, perhaps there is no need to take things quite so seriously.

There are birthday parties where a group of girls may get together and create portraits of unicorns with lots of sparkle and shine. Children make the best artists as they are unafraid to venture into the surreal and new world that lies within painting a new canvas. Children allow their world to be flexible and abstract as they offer a new vision of creativity and hope which allows them to never fear the unknown.

There are so many talented children who do not take remarks of their works personally, and they are completely envied. Learning and experiencing art comes with a new territory, are we at an age where critiques have become so judgmental that moving forward simply requires some sort of therapy.

Learning to love oneself has become a challenge and at the same time freeing for the artist who has to work through the endless criticism and patronizing judgmental comments and words that may cloud the mind and confidence they are expected to adapt to in order to remain consistent.

Perhaps that is the learning part of this equation, to love oneself, as a way to get through the more challenging situations and endure that in order to move on and experience life and learn what you are made of. This is a lesson one should be experiencing every day if possible..

Perhaps Portland in itself opens the doorway into your mind and allows one to get in touch with some freaky and paranormal experiences that we are meant to know or at the very least question.

There is a place in the gold hill of southern Oregon called the Oregon Vortex and it is an area rich in mineral deposits such as Iron. In fact, there is so much Iron concentrated in the land that certain weight measurements are impossible to accurately describe and impossible to duplicate.

The Iron rich earth make the Oregon Vortex a magnetic wave which changes the appearance of a person's height once inside the Vortex. It appears that light refraction appears within every photograph leaving behind a refraction bubble or four or five within one photograph. It is impossible to know what is real inside the Vortex, as humans appear smaller and bigger and simply not the same height as they were at the beginning. It is a freaky illusion, and one in which many people are happy to partake in, for they need some sort of original thought that keeps their mind open to the possibilities of the unknown and the defiance of the basic laws of Physics.

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