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The politics of too much red meat

In the movie The Book of Eli, there is a recurring theme of a cannibalism problem in the post-apocalyptic world. Having "too much human meat" causes physical side effects that give away the diet of the diner. Those with too much human meat in their systems have an uncontrollable case of the shakes. People that cling to civilization--whether villain or hero--want nothing to do with the human meat eaters.

I'm wondering if that is what life is like for establishment Republicans when they look at their fringe. They are being thrown so much red meat, and that cannibalistic diet is available for them 24 hours a day, courtesy of Fox News. They've got the shakes now, and are a little too comfortable living on a diet of political carnage. Even make-believe crises pass as food these days to the Republican fringe. I can only imagine that the establishment is waiting quietly on the sidelines, out of the range of the frenzy for red meat...praying that the fringe will eventually eat each other up. The fringe is being served a diet of issues that the rest of the country has yawned off: the IRS, whether or not Benghazi was announced as a terrorist attack fast enough, the Obamacare rollout and many other old hits. They are never satisfied. They always want more of the same meal, no matter how great of a detriment it serves to the rest of the party.

The real GOP has two choices at this moment: isolate themselves and start afresh without their politically carnivorous fringe, or sit and wait until the monster they created decides to start feeding on members of its own party.

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