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The politics of human-caused global colding

This winter's headlines about the record-cold Polar Vortex weather that turned most of the nation into a meat locker and the ship full of climate specialists locked in heavy summer-time Antarctic ice for weeks generated a lot of jokes and even more disbelief about anthropogenic (human caused) global warming.

What you believe or do not believe depends very little on the science and very much on the politics.
Graphic: Baloo/Modified by Garry Reed

The thing that makes it impossible for rational people to believe in anthropogenic climate change is that the "science" has been utterly politicalized.

The Iron Rule is this: Any thing that becomes politicized ceases to be about that thing and becomes all about the politics.

Then follow that with the Iron Rule of Politics, which is: Politics is always about power, wealth and ego.

Now note how this issue breaks down almost exclusively between the political left and right.

Progressives call right-wingers deniers because they all allegedly support whole industries – oil, coal, natural gas – whose fortunes depend on the continuation of the use of fossil fuels.

To prove their point that the right is ideologically greedy they invoke the battle cry, "Follow the money!"

And yet they never mention that the same cry applies to the political left.

Everyone who makes their money from belief in global warming – climate scientists, scientific institutes, colleges and universities, the wind and solar industries – all receive billions of dollars in taxpayer funded appropriations, subsidies, grants, incentives and other forms of corporate welfare.

It's all been thoroughly politicized. How can any science remain objective under such circumstances? The ruling class pays the scientists, the institutes for whom they work, the professionals who peer review the results, and then exerts enormous political pressure on the scientific journals and the general media to tell us all what they want us to believe.

This is true whether it's the progressive environmentalist left or the conservative fossil fuel right that's in power.

Remember that the ruling class had long continued to suppress the fact that the Sun, not the Earth, had been scientifically shown to be the center of the solar system because it benefitted the ruling class of the time.

Also remember that "scientific racism" once "proved" that white people were superior to black people in every way and therefore "justified" slavery.

Libertarians should neither "believe in" nor "deny" anthropogenic climate change until the highly unlikely day that politics has been utterly stripped of even the stink of politics.

Politicized science isn't about science; it's just politics as usual.

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