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The police state isn't coming – it's here

Since 9/11 more innocent Americans have been killed by police than terrorists.

The Justice For Kelly Thomas Facebook page was created soon after the Murder-by-Cop trial that acquitted a pair of uniformed street thugs.

The Kelly Thomas case, in which a jury awarded two cops 007 License to Kill passes after hearing witnesses and watching a video of them brutally beating him to death, has awakened people to the reality of the police state.

Their acquittal exposes the real problem. Too many people still embrace the knee-jerk notion that all cops are like Bert in "It's a Wonderful Life," they're always saints, and bad cops are forever just "one bad apple in the barrel" because it's too frightening to admit that the barrel itself has rotted out.

These are the blind enablers who judge people not by their individual real-life actions but by their government-designated labels, on the fact that they wear government-approved uniforms and have a government-sanctioned "right" to use deadly force whenever they wish.

A Facebook site called Operation: Peace with Police wants to start a dialogue between people and police. But as one respondent posted, "Police have shown repeatedly that 'dialogues' and 'outreach' and 'come, let us reason together' are worthless dead ends. The behavior they evince in trying to motivate the populace shows what actually motivates them – just as your attempt to use logic and kindness shows what motivates you. As their tactics would never convince you, yours will never convince them..."

He then seems to imply that the only possible response is to meet violence with violence.

In a libertarian society the principle that every peaceful person has a right to respond to coercive force with defensive force would apply to all thugs, including these so-called "law enforcers."

But absent a libertarian society there's only one way left to go; attack the problem at its root.

Police forces are created by the political entities they serve. The political hierarchy – the mayor, city council and others – create police departments and appoint the law enforcement hierarchy – Police commissioner, Chief, etc. They're not elected, they're appointed.

The only peaceful way to stop the abuses of the police state is for every decent-minded human being to demand it, to confront the primary enablers of the police state, the politicians, and demand that they hold all cops accountable or they will be replaced by others who will.

If we don't abolish all victimless crimes and replace "law enforcement" with "rights enforcement" the Facebook poster will be right; it's citizens vs. the cops.

Libertarian News Examiner addressed this case in 2011: Cop killers and killer cops: murderers all

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