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The Polaroid XS100 Experience, as Technology clicks thru Cameras

It’s a fascinating product, growing on you in appreciation. As I watched a video, one I created with the Polaroid XS100 (, there was an added excitement to a ride on my mountain bike. Just the type of benefit we as consumers might appreciate. Also, a significant feature was affirmed; surrounding sounds during the journey are recorded. And so right away, the thoughts and experimentation of usage blossomed. The video I made can be found on YouTube (, with music added; a new leap for me.

Real application is defined ultimately by creativity
Real application is defined ultimately by creativity
Photos by Keith McFarland
HD Professional Action Camera
Photo by Keith McFarland

The XS100 is intriguing. One gets reminded of a theme, included in the 2014 CES, technology should solve problems. Paraphrasing the thought, expansively, innovation should enhance or re-create the current trends of that something; as well as, elevate satisfaction in some form. Accordingly and appropriately, the pictures from a XS100, can capture, automatically, a scene, in a curving - deep - wide display; presenting an extra touch, reminding one of aerial shots, like in movies, in some small respects.

Keep in mind, today’s technology will bring tomorrow’s uses; features of such products, individually, may be many or few, great or good, to say the least; yet, ultimate success lies in the creative hands and open wallets of would be purchaser. In application, the XS100 has some nifty things; for example, takes pictures, in time lapses of 5, 10, 30, or 60 second-intervals, or the 10 frame per second Burst, or your basic single shot; on top of being lightweight. I’ve provided two series of photos, using the 60 second-intervals, my favorite option. Perhaps better suited in stationary spots, or attached (i.e. to a helmet or bike handle bars) during action oriented activities; have fun, view results later. Even more so, you can choose between HD and FHD resolution; and 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, VGA; to offer insights on resolution and MP, I’ve included two articles, touching upon these topics: 1.); and, 2.)

Furthermore, within the nature of today’s cameras, the existence of an underwater capability is commonplace; very true with the Polaroid XS100, as much as 30 feet deep; likewise, a growing list of new devices are linkable to HDTVs with HDMI; in step, the XS100 takes that high road of not just allowing the view of photos and video with the TV, but also creating them. Yet, the real value lies in bringing people together, embarking on a journey, of some sort; all the while, collectively, capturing moments, via video and photos; sharing within and outside the circle. After-all, this serves the cores of entertainment and socialization well.

The Polaroid XS100 connects to a computer using a USB cable; the means to viewing and downloading one’s masterpieces; as well as, changing resolution and photo types, and also for charging. This particular model is not Wi-Fi, though one is now available, and you’ll need to buy a micro SDHC card (Class 6 or higher), 2GB or greater. And that brings up broader perspectives; cameras are main stream and benefit by their connection to Smart TVs, drones, mobile phones, and tablets. In addition, if you consider other innovations, as linked to other products, it denotes a cumulative buildup of growth happening. And from, at least, one presentation, made during the 2014 CES (, it amounts to an estimated $19 Billion.

In the continuing illustration of change forthcoming, in societal and business terms, we conclude with two interesting stories:

How a start-up used technology to create a means to help companies save money by reducing food waste:; and,

RYNO Motorcycles: changing the game one wheel at a time;

In ending observations: the technology of yesterday is not all render obsolete by newer ones; and the first one out the gate does not always have the last laugh.

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