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The Polar Vortex has arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, but wait - Isn't this July?

Last week this writer wrote an article about the impending summer polar vortex that was predicted by the weather service to hit the continental United States this week and there were many naysayers who said, "That is impossible," its the hottest part of the summer season. Well, it appears that the naysayers were wrong, even for the deep south. The polar vortex has arrived in the Memphis area.

Weather Map
National Weather Service

When we think of July in the south, we automatically presume that the weather will be hot and steamy, but that presumption was broken when we had a cool July 4, 2014. After the celebrations, parades and fireworks, we experienced a week of very hot temperatures, with heat indices reaching the 100 plus mark, but that has changed. Yesterday, July 14, 2014 heavy thunderstorms rolled through the Memphis area, with damage to houses, downed trees and power lines snapped, but when we woke up on July 15, 2014, the storms had passed and the polar vortex had begun to creep into this area.

Meteorologists have predicted that the low temperatures will drop into the low 50s for the next several nights, with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. They say we can expect record breaking lows for this time of year. So, remember if you have outside activities at night in the Memphis area, keep a sweater handy.

There are many questions that we have about our weather changes in the Memphis area; including the bitter cold of early 2014 and the records that were set. Is the unseasonably weather created by global warming, or is it just a weird weather anomaly? We can't be sure, but we can be sure it has arrived.

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