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On the imaginative, beautiful poetry of Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda’s vast and innumerable body of work is truly compelling... his prolific compositions are so rich in substance that his poetry lingers in the imagination long after it has been absorbed. A pioneering literary tour de force, Neruda won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and was known as 'the people's poet' in his day. Highly admired by his fellow countrymen, he was regarded as a speaker of formidable influence in Chilean society. The writer's subjective experience of the ocean symbolizes his passion for the women he loved, in a longing to give back to the water through a poetic expression of it's tremendous effect on his senses.

One of the fine selections from the distinguished volume of works 'The Poetry of Pablo Neruda' is an abstract piece entitled 'I Will Return'. This touching poem seems to affirm the writer's vision of himself as one who belongs to the sea, a dreamer who somehow realizes that he originated from the ocean... the image of the water is so real and powerful in the work that a reader is enlightened with the understanding that this will be the poet's final resting place; that his soul will be transformed and that his essence will dwell there upon his death, or sometime thereafter.

Neruda's canon of work celebrates his great gift for reaching people on a profound and personal level, thus making his artistic mark in history. The writer's timeless compositions signify how passionately affected he was by the gorgeous ocean he so vividly describes in all the magnificence of the enormous waves crashing against the shore. Many of Neruda's lyrical works intensify the panoramic beauty of the sea by endowing it with metaphoric imagery, in a deep and mysterious reflection of the infinite waters that engulfed him.