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The PNMIC Project: Know where your products come from.

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The problem

A lot of concerned people wanted an alternative to made in China, but the only way to find out where an item is made, is to actually drive down to the store, pickup the item, flip it over, and read the made in label.

The PNMIC Solution

At PNMIC, they only accept items that have an industry standard UPC (officially known GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)) barcode. Why? Users care about everyday items that are mass manufactured and readily available.

As of now, on the desktop site, users can do many functions such as:

Register for an account
Browse or search items in our database
Submit products to our website
Edit products in our database
Depending on membership, upload items directly to database
Rate products from 1 to 5 stars
Write reviews about products
Add items that interested you to a wish list
Best feature we have, verify button to confirm made in claim

The two biggest points for our mobile app is that all of the products would be made accessible on-the-go in a smartphone friendly format, and most important, allow users at anytime and anywhere they are, to upload products directly to the PNMIC project.

One more thing, the mobile app, like all the data on our site, will always be FREE!

Perks include T shirts and a chance to do your own product promotion.



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