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The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be the first consoles in China since 2000

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4

The market for PlayStation 4’s has been remarkable. Since before it was released, the buzz the PS4 was generating could be felt everywhere you’d go across the entire world, except for in one place in particular: China. China has had consoles banned since 2000, but they have now lifted the restriction so Sony will be selling their hardware and software as soon as they can.

Contrary to what the New York Times stated, the market for consoles in China may actually be greater than they’ve anticipated. Granted, the PS4 hasn’t sold overly well in its motherland, Japan, but the Chinese have suffered from a drought of gaming for over fourteen years. Currently, the people of China only play mobile or computer games, the latter not being anywhere close to as popular as it is in America. Free-to-play games only provide so much entertainment because they generally are short-lived.

Microsoft previously announced in April that they would be selling the Xbox One in China as well, so Sony choosing to do the same is not a surprise at all. The last sales figures for the PlayStation 4 were at 7 million which was nearly 2 million more than Microsoft had sold and on shelves in stores. If the Chinese are as eager to buy consoles as some speculate, there’s some serious money to be made now that the ban has been lifted.