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'The Playroom' has become a tool to film sex videos

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

A growing trend among PlayStation 4 gamers has been using The Playroom feature to create and distribute sexually explicit videos.

According to an in-depth look by Kotaku along with some input from The Escapist published on April 9; more people are using The Playroom to film and distribute home made sex videos than actual gaming videos.

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku stated,Give people a camera and a means to broadcast and you can bet that, sooner or later, they'll use it to film themselves doin' some sex. Even if it's using a PlayStation 4.

The Playroom is a pre-loaded game on the PlayStation 4 that serves to demonstrate the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4 controller. It also allows gamers to film themselves playing and then upload the video to You Tube or another video distribution website.

Reddit has grown to become the most popular site to share and distribute these sex videos. It has become so ramped that the The Playroom sub-Reddit has been designated "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW).

Alex Co of The Escapist comments on the trend are as stated, I do feel bad for Sony, though, and I can see them acting swiftly to take action against offenders. Let's hope they don't outright discontinue The Playroom itself for the sake of those using it legitimately.

Yet this has not been the fist time the service has caused problems. The popular video game live-streaming site, Twitch banned all The Playroom videos in late 2013 in response to a volume of non-gaming channels.

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