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The platinum leader; Morality first

Our desire is a moral one.
Our desire is a moral one.

Our desire to grow is not a business imperative, it is a moral one, states Robert Mayo, co-founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, one of the most successful, privately held healthcare organizations in the nation, formally established in 1988. Richard Stephenson began the road to revolutionize cancer treatments after the loss of his mother and asked Mr Mayo to help promote his vision over 30 years ago as the Director of Human Resource. Mr. Mayo was diagnosed with cancer himself in 2009 and remains cancer free.

The future of any success in business is morality first. Regardless of any leadership role that you play, your inspiration for others comes first. You truly have to care about what they need and how you can develop a positive culture to stay in business. Passion for what you do is constantly suggested in articles and commentary but it is never about you. Scott Annan from Business Insider talks about the metric that matters the most is caring for others; your patients, clients, your customers.

Success comes when you put yourself aside. And if it is difficult to see why you are not creating new opportunity in your life, start writing down your private thoughts when it is all about you. Why can't you have more money, why won't they call back after an interview, why is it one problem after another. Watch what tends to happen in the workplace, in your personal life. Nothing...or more disaster because your sorry thoughts and lack of action are creating more of the same. But when you can appreciate your clients and co-workers more than your needs, life begins to happen and so do profits even if it is a free cup of coffee.

CVS, as a healthcare provider gave up selling cigarettes, it was a moral decision since approximately 500,000 deaths occur annually due to smoking. Because of greed, dishonesty and the me approach, businesses collapsed, jobs were lost, unemployment skyrocketed and images were severely threatened during the economic decline. How did that work for you?

And slowly businesses are trying to recover. And many that will stay in the game, steadily progressing are the ones that demonstrate sincerity in helping people without return. Too much trust was lost now we are seeing the gradual return of values..yes....values that are grandparents taught us, spiritual values which is sadly needed at this time. And those visionary leaders that recognize moral integrity as the only answer, will be surprised by their own return of a supportive future.

Why don't we get that?