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People skills
People skills

Online networking will always be there in some form or another but sites will come and go. Facebook and LinkedIn, at some point in time, will be different as well as the other networking sites, some totally replaced by new. And though we will always have some form of online marketing, what will really take our businesses to the higher level, our careers over the edge; time and time again is our people skills.

As Rick Morgan, senior president at Aatriyk, an insurance and financial services branding firm comments, nurturing your connections and building relationships will take over all the innocuous Facebook likes and whatever takes the form of effective online marketing. You have to view online marketing as not your total gig but only an extension of who you are and what you do.

He suggests to start slow, invest an hour or two per week to get comfortable with your plan but you must be disciplined to be focused, reliable and responsive. In other words, always there in the eyes of others, developing your business, art, or creative juices regardless of how long it takes. People want longevity not flash in the pan associations.

Your business will only survive, as everything else changes, by building your people skills and developing nurturing relationships. Remember, that trust lives in the hearts of all relationships and only consistency and time will determine those that carry us.

Rick Morgan has four decades of experience in technology, marketing and publishing in the independent insurance agency system. Rick has a consulting website that offers information concerning social media and how agents can be successful in social networking as well as building strong relationships.