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Ground yourself
Joe Keane

Exhausted, consumed by others drama in professional and personal lives, eventually creates its toll and you begin to wake drained before you even start your day. You feel powerless over the care and concern in your heart for other peoples problems. Your energy is totally depleted by the people and circumstances that shake it. And one stress after another with no reprieve begins to create brain fog.

What can you do to be more centered?

Watch for the warning signs. Someone commented that you have to analyze first how you react to those that drain you. Compare yourself to an automobile. It is a series of things that causes the car to break down, the oil has not been changed in awhile, brake fluid is low and the check engine light finally comes on. It is time for a tune up.

To honor your self, you need to say no, not at this time or I am taking a time out. This response includes your peers, friends and family.

Meditate and become clear on what you need. If it is the cottage by the lake with the waves in the background and your best friend by your side, keep envisioning that beauty because when it becomes clear, it usually becomes real.

Spend your time with loving supportive people. Psychology Today stresses making sure you tell the emotional terrorists that you have only one minute

Stay away from obligation. At times of stress, grief, and other peoples agendas, our obligation tends to block our inspiration. Yes, we are obligated for our young children and their well-being and we may be obligated at our workplace. But when emotional responsibility runs amuck, we need to be less involved. Less co-dependent.

If you believe in a higher power, give it away. We can encourage, pray and support but we are not responsible for peoples actions and we cannot excuse unacceptable behavior.

Seperate the person from the issue. This is not easy to to do especially if a relative or close friend. Recognize the problem not the emotion behind it.

Ground yourself with something that helps take you away; whether that be Calgon, if it is still on the shelves, or a good book.

Let people know when they have really crossed the line and that you are taking a backseat to their issues.

Talk to a mentor, clergyman or therapist if you begin to lose your balance. They can offer the opportunity for you to experience less grief and better mastery at taking care of your life force so that you can experience the power for letting it go.

Negative people, even family, can be destructive and experts suggest that it will start effecting your health, physical as well as mental. And when that occurs, you need to cut out the toxins, you do that in your diet. You also need to let them know that there will be consequences for their actions.

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