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The platinum leader; Running the marathon of emotion

Stop running from you
Stop running from you

You can run but you sure can't hide; Canned Heat says it well. I remembered and re-read the lyrics. A great reminder since many of us have been taught to run from our emotions, get back on track and get the job done whether it be in the workplace or even the joys of our personal life.

But if you are running away from yourself, you will eventually run out of hiding places. Because unfortunately you show up every time and your hiding places begin to suffocate you. You run out of room and that spills over into everything you do. Your feet hurt as well. Your running without the best shoes...protective gear is lost

When crisis, depression, tragedy occurs, many of us wallow in it and others run like the devil from emotion. The latter fits me well as the Tasmanian devil type who starts cleaning, making loud noises for everyone to hear, getting into projects with insane deadlines because this way I am not focused on the pain. Healthy, right?

Wrong because running the fast pace eventually tires us to the point where we cry anyway. We keep showing up. Even if we try to move across country, we will be right there with whatever it is that is creating our anguish. Sometimes we don't even know the reason for our marathon. But our painful feet began to lose their tenacity

Managers are notorious for delving into their responsibilities without facing themselves. And rather than turn their initiative into productivity, they begin to fall and make mistakes. We have to deal with ourselves first before we can deal with others.

Look at your broken pieces first and try to figure out why. What was that beautiful artwork called you originally? How did the pieces crack, break and end up at your feet?. Write those feelings, triggers down. Pick up the pieces slowly so you don't create any more pain for yourself. Then, the difficult part is putting the delicate plate back together again.

That is the process for dealing with our emotions and it takes time. It takes focus for us to see that we are a piece of art that is worth saving. And those in your life that see the same in you needs to be by your side without judgement and complaint. They love you too!

To all leaders, this is when you must take a deep breath, sleep more, eat better and remove yourself from the drama. Surround yourself with the right people. You can't rebuild yourself among tragedy and chaos.You will glue the wrong piece in the wrong place because of distraction.

What ever concept works for you, figure out your own self-worth, your own passions, your own powers of recovery. It is only then that the true life begins.

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