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The platinum leader; It's our choice

Here we go again
Here we go again

My company closed, my wife left, my children don't talk to me. My parents were right; I would never amount to anything. Self fulfilling prophecy, isn't it. So we begin with the beginning of the old tapes that describes someones careless words never meant to amount to anything. And, those, the words our children follow. Studies have proven that our brain initially responds to the negative. What ever happened to the old saying about sticks and stones will break my bones but words... Maybe we better think about that.

There are generally three types of people in this world. Better quoted as Winston Churchill who once said is the pessimist who makes difficulties out of opportunities and the optimist who makes opportunity out of difficulties. Though I do feel there are exceptions that flip back and forth, carrying from one place to the next never quite establishing their strong hold.

My company closed and I am broke.
"I will think about the positive qualities people have mentioned and build a new one"

My wife left me
"Good, she wasn't worth it and I deserve better

My children don't talk to me
They will when I stop hurting myself and get out of the mud

My parents were right
Parents make mistakes and have their own defects of character just like you Have you ever said the wrong things?

But I'm tired
We all was never meant to be what?

Sometimes I am so excited with this and then feel like a flat out failure.
Maybe you need to get help, a mentor, a friend when your equilibrium is rocked. Maybe you need to take time to relax and reflect. Maybe, you need to realize your not perfect either.

The leader in business is not riding the waves of wealth without daily concerns and drama issues that always need to be addressed. Conflict after conflict that he or she has to confront as he gathers his team of experts and they begin the process of re-building the stepping stones to the future. By breaking down the goals in manageable steps, you build in successes to reward you along the way and propel you forward.

Isn't this a time consuming process, it is a life's journey. Somewhere in the Bible, it was said that as far as God was concerned a 1,000 years was like one day.

But those that suffer also need to get over themselves first to be able to focus on the beauty that surrounds them. They will never see or hear the promise when they are listening to the tapes of poor self-worth

These are simple mindsets in the long run but those simple changes can springboard you to a life of health, happiness and the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment.

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