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The plan of the Master Architect

One of the many jobs my husband has is to carry architectural plans to and from different locations and to help see the plans are complete. Although his job is not the general contractor, he is still a crucial part in seeing the projects get finished. When he looks at the projects plans, he is able to decode the information. When I look at them, all I see is a bunch of lines and markings, with an occasional word or drawing that makes sense to me. I could be a courier of the information, but only to hand it off to those who knew how to read it. Explaining it to someone else isn’t something I could do.

That’s rather the way I feel about the work God is doing in my life and the lives of those around me. I know there is a master plan, and I have been given the needed information to carry out and complete the tasks given to me. At times when I look at the “blueprints”, I am stumped by what I see. During different phases there has been deconstruction that was necessary before new building could be accomplished. In my mind, much of the “old” had value and I struggled with letting go of what was comfortable and known. The new plans may have sounded good, but then the work to see them completed became stretching and tedious. Weariness would often blind me to the truth that we were being built up on the strong foundation of God’s word. Sometimes like a spoiled child who wanted their way only, I would become crabby and uncertain when I felt like everything was changing. A little distance and time proved that, even when I don’t always understand what God is doing, His plan is always the best. Our job is to continue carrying His truth wherever we go and to apply it to every situation. He is faithful to do His work, and desires us to be part of it.

I don’t always have an explanation for the things God does. I certainly don’t have answers for every question that gets raised by those who have yet to experience the contentment that comes from simply obeying Him. What I do have though, is confidence in the plan of the Master Architect. He has designed everything and is working to complete what He’s begun. I know He will do what He says He will I’ve seen Him do amazing things above and beyond my comprehension.

Although I don’t know everything He is doing, I am confident it is all very good, and I am simply content to be part of the process. May He receive honor and glory in all things.

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