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The place of infinite connection is all around you

Timeless Perfection
Timeless Perfection

Worlds move in alignment dimensions intersect timing is everything. Interstices are bound by the laws of time. And yet sometimes even these great truths are discarded in favor of astounding innovation. So it is that we find ourselves inside of a wormhole looking out at a range of possibilities. Star systems flyby. Galaxies twirl and turn and then turn again.

Time is a river whose momentum forms not by itself. There is the over abiding presence without which time is not. It is the nothing that permeates the soul as if it were something although it is not.
 There is the movement of perfection into the being of connection. Inside of this swirl of nothing in the beginning there was something and that something is connection.

Here is how we make that which is not. It is relationship that takes us from one state of being to another. We are always looking but it is more important to truly see. What is it that we must see? It is that all things at one.

The universe is forever giving birth. Your words your thoughts are the seeds that take expression. Just as you wouldn't build a building with inferior materials so true you would also not place inferior thoughts into such a pregnant universe. There are two parts to this understanding.

First you are co-creating with the holy one above. It must be your intention to become a part of this power.

Second you are the editor of your thoughts therefore choose only the most perfect thoughts to place out there into creation.

Sometimes thoughts may be long or they may be short, however, they are never insignificant.

In the final analysis it is the unification of thought that produces the forms of creation.

If you were only to ponder these words at some point in your lifetime it would truly be enough for the most amazing reflection of perfection that you have ever known.

You may wander through Torah or take the path of perfection because Torah is teaching you this lesson in every phrase and every word and in every magical story.

Listen and the awareness that you need will surround you.

In simple terms the whole world is your canvas. Your thoughts are the outline the sketches the lines of your vision. Your emotions are the colors the broad strokes that bring your vision to life.

When you give of yourself you are etching that vision into the fabric of existence.

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