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The Pizza Grille - More than just the pie

The Pizza Grille creates variety with fresh, wholesome ingredients!
The Pizza Grille creates variety with fresh, wholesome ingredients!

The Pizza Grille at two Harrisburg area locations, is much more than your typical pizza joint.  In fact, the restaurant name doesn't give this place nearly enough credit.  They've got some amazing gourmet style pizzas like the Grilled Vegetable, Chicken Pesto, and Italian Turkey Sausage, but the menu is also compiled of some creative culinary sensations including appetizers, salads, and pasta selections! 

Pizza is typically off-limits for all of the dieters in the audience, but what I love about the Pizza Grille, is that they give you a whole wheat crust option that drastically increases the nutritional value!  If you're craving pizza, you can still go this route and stay on track.  Opt for the Margherita Pizza on whole wheat crust.  It's a selection that consists of marinara sauce, fresh tomato slices, and a light sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.  Even the artichoke and spinach pie on whole wheat crust is not a bad option.  Try to stick with the items loaded with veggies and you'll have a fairly healthy dinner!

Want something fresh from the garden?  They've got an elusive salad menu that will have you begging for more.  Jumping off the menu page at me, was the feta and sun-dried tomato salad!  Fresh crumbles of feta cheese accompanying crisp greens and rustic sun-dried tomatoes puts a whole new spin on the plain old salad! 

You can even maintain your diet and enjoy dessert at the Pizza Grille!  Just ask to try their fruit sorbet.  Typically high in sugar, but much lower in calories and fat than your typical tiramisu!

For more information:

The Pizza Grille

3817 Gettysburg Road, Camp Hill,  717-920-5350

901 State Street, Lemoyne, 717-731-6717



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