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The Pitcher's Mound!


  • larry thomas 6 years ago

    it is awsome having this guy as a friend and pastor he just has a way of making people feel like they have purpose would not trade him for nothing love ya pastor steve

  • Peggy 6 years ago

    I needed to hear this today; thanks!

  • Daddy Stegosaurus 6 years ago

    What? You'd think he could pitch a no hitter! =)

  • Steve 6 years ago

    Hey Daddy Stegosaurus, I left you a message on the Devotional called 'Another Day' way back I think in Sept. I can't remember the date! If you would find that Devotional and read the comment I left you I would appreciate it. You were right in a comment you left for me. I would like to apologize to you. Steve

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