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The Pitcher's Mound!

   Good morning! He is standing on the pitcher's mound. You are standing in the batter's box. You step out of the box and hit your cleats with the bat. You step back into the box. The pitcher is getting ready to throw. You step back out again, to think about the next pitch. You are not sure what's going to come at you. You stand there getting nervous. You would rather have the pitcher give you an intentional walk. You are more comfortable not getting back into that batter's box. You are more comfortable just sitting in the dugout watching others play the game. Finally, you step back into the box. Here comes the pitch. You swing and miss! You can't believe God just threw a curve ball at you. Here comes the next pitch. You are now praying for an easy throw so you can hit it. You swing and miss. You can't believe God threw a knuckleball at you. Now you are nervous. You need to get back into the dugout, your comfort zone. Here comes the next pitch. You swing and miss. God threw a slider at you. You strike out. You don't care because that batters box is too much work for you. You don't want to be embarressed again. Then you realize you will get another chance in the game to hit again. Two innings later you get another chance. This time you are more confident in the batters box. This box feels more comfortable. This time you know your mission. This time here comes a fast ball. You swing and hear the crack of the bat. You watch the ball fly through the air. You can't believe you just hit a home run! You run to first, then second base and onto third base. As you turn to run to home plate you notice that the pitcher is watching you. You look into His eyes. You watch Him mouth some words to you. You read His lips. You can't believe He said "Well done!" to you! At that moment you wanted to stay in the batters box. No more comfort zone in that dugout. Your turn to take the field. You notice the pitcher never leaves the mound. As you watch, you realize that even when players strike out He says "Well done!" That is the very moment you decide you want to play in this game, with the greatest pitcher of all time and never let it end.

1 Peter 5:10 In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation

Get into the batters box. If you hit a home run or strike out at least you are in the game. Step out of your comfort zone. As you work for the Kingdom of God, watch Him smile and say to you "Well done!"

Grace and Peace my friends!


  • larry thomas 5 years ago

    it is awsome having this guy as a friend and pastor he just has a way of making people feel like they have purpose would not trade him for nothing love ya pastor steve

  • Peggy 5 years ago

    I needed to hear this today; thanks!

  • Daddy Stegosaurus 5 years ago

    What? You'd think he could pitch a no hitter! =)

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Hey Daddy Stegosaurus, I left you a message on the Devotional called 'Another Day' way back I think in Sept. I can't remember the date! If you would find that Devotional and read the comment I left you I would appreciate it. You were right in a comment you left for me. I would like to apologize to you. Steve

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