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The Pint gives ‘nod’ of the tap to two breweries

Two breweries cooperate to showcase their best brews.
Two breweries cooperate to showcase their best brews.
Nathan Caldwell

It is possible to believe that a tap handle 'nods' when it's pulled. If that is true, a local taproom gave the 'nod' to two breweries and five lovingly crafted brews. The Pint, in West Lafayette, is well known for welcoming food from other establishments into their own. As the nature of its purpose requires, the Pint specializes in bringing brews from out of town breweries to the Greater Lafayette beer-drinking public. The Pint served as the tasting connection between an Indiana brewery and a Colorado brewery. Five beers from two breweries highlighted a ‘tap takeover’ at the Pint. Three Floyds and New Belgium Brewing Companies collaborated in a showcase of their brews. Patrons had the opportunity of sampling all five for the price of just over what two pints would regularly cost.
The flight of brews looked like a golden-brown rainbow. These beers ranged from dark stouts to light IPA’s. The flight featured Zombiedust Pale Ale, War Mullet (IPA), from Three Floyds. New Belgium contributed La Folie Sour Brown Ale, and their popular staple Fat Tire Red Ale. All of these lived up to their names. Zombiedust has a taste potent enough to wake the dead, War Mullet is as smooth as a cavalry charge against an inferior force, La Folie was indeed brown and very sour, and Fat Tire is soothing enough to make one forget about breakdowns on the road.
Perhaps the most striking of these offerings was the fifth brew, not previously mentioned above. This beer is called Gratzer, and is a collaborative effort between Three Floyds and New Belgium. It is a smoked ale, and is very dark. It evokes barbeque and campfire musings. It seems like a perfect brew for summer.
A beer drinker’s taste buds can take that person to many different places. This is a case where the beer met the taste buds. From Indiana, to Colorado, and beyond, the Pint is most assuredly destined to bring more exotic brew to eager stomachs.