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The Pines Pet Cemetery offers comfort in a peaceful setting

The Pines is a beautiful, tranquil place
The Pines is a beautiful, tranquil place
Phyllis Obeollain

The Pines Pet Cemetery has more of an atmosphere of a peaceful park than a cemetery. Located south of Dayton just off route 48 in Lebanon, The Pines Pet Cemetery is indeed a peaceful setting which provides a fitting final resting place for some of our best friends.

Pets that have passed on may be brought to The Pines by their owners, or arrangements may be made for The Pines staff to call for them at the home or veterinarian office. The Pines’ staff encourages owners to bring the pet to The Pines themselves, not only so the owners can see what a tranquil location their pet’s final resting place will be, but because The Pines’ staff is very understanding and kind, and in this author’s opinion they act as informal ‘grief counselors’: they listen to you tell them about your beloved friends and this always seems to provide comfort. The staff will answer all of your questions in a compassionate and unhurried manner.

No appointments are needed, and quiet, softly lit rooms are just inside the front doors, offering privacy while final arrangements are being made. Cremation is one option, but burial is also available, either in the cemetery or the bell tower. Cremains may be buried, scattered or placed in an urn.

The Pines has a wide selection of urns in all price ranges, and there is never any pressure to purchase an urn. New styles of urns are always being added, with one of the most recent being that of the image of St. Francis.

The Pines recognizes that people love their bunnies, sheep, pigs, ferrets, birds, lizards, and frogs just as much as dog and cat owners love their pets, and there are urns and memorials to reflect these types of pets. Urns may be kept at home with the pet's other mementos or they may be formally interred, either at The Pines or at the home.

Special services, such as calling for the deceased pet at home or at the veterinarian's office, are also available. A simple, private farewell ceremony is another option that many families find comforting. Pre-planning services are available so that all options can be explored during a period of calm - not crisis - when the owner is thinking clearly.

The Pines is a beautiful, tranquil place of rest for your pet, and a place of comfort and understanding for you.

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