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The Pines pet cemetery helps you plan ahead

The Pines offers a beautiful array of tasteful memorial containers for your beloved friend.
The Pines offers a beautiful array of tasteful memorial containers for your beloved friend.
P O'Beollain

No one looks forward to visiting a pet cemetery, but knowing that the cemetery staff is made up of caring, compassionate individuals is a comfort during a time of grieving. The staff at The Pines Pet Cemetery has never failed to be anything but comforting and supportive when this author has had to make final arrangements for a beloved pet.

Even in the winter, The Pines is place of peace and calm
P O'Beollain

The staff at The Pines is understanding and happy to answer all of your questions. Knowing your options in advance of the sad time when your pet passes on will allow you to make decisions when you are thinking clearly and not grieving.

Located south of Dayton on 764 Riley Wills Road just off route 48 in Lebanon, The Pines is a peaceful setting, fitting for the final resting place of some of our best friends.

Pets that have passed away are brought to The Pines Pet Cemetery by their owners, or arrangements may be made for The Pines staff to call for them at the home or veterinarian office.

Cremation is one of the options offered at The Pines. Cremation hastens the course of nature upon a body. Modern cremation utilizes sanitary methods and a clean, intense flame to return the body to its original elements. All that remains after cremation are the calcified bone fragments, known as ‘cremains’. Pets which are brought to The Pines for cremation are properly identified and are held in a refrigerated holding vault until the time of cremation. A special crematory is located right on the grounds at The Pines, and all cremations are performed by specially trained personnel. After cremation, the pet’s cremains are carefully gathered and placed into labeled containers until their owner returns for them.

There are many options for the cremains. You may choose a special box for burying the cremains, if you choose burial at home or at The Pines. These boxes are carefully sealed for burial. If you choose to scatter the cremains, they may be scattered in a place that was special to you or your pet, or you may scatter the cremains at The Pines.

If you would like the cremains to remain above-ground, the columbarium at The Pines is a granite wall designed for just such a purpose. The wall contains individual niches as well as niches large enough to accommodate more than one of your family pets, and a bronze nameplate is placed in front of the niche on the granite wall. One section of the wall is even set aside for cats only. The columbarium is at the base of the Carillon Bell Tower which was custom-designed for The Pines. The bell tower plays soothing bell music at intervals on weekends, during burials, and upon request. The Carillon tower and columbarium provide a peaceful setting for you and your family to pause and share memories of your beloved pet.

If you choose to place the cremains in an urn, The Pines offers a wide variety of urns, from modestly priced, simple containers to deluxe, engraved urns and carved boxes in a variety of materials – bronze and other metals, various woods, porcelain, marble and more. Some urns have a place for a favorite photo of the pet; some of the wooden urns are hand-carved locally.

Urns may be kept at home with the pet's other mementos or they may be formally interred, either at The Pines or at the home. The Pines recognizes the fact that owners of goats, fish, turtles, frogs and other creatures are just as attached to their pets as are dog and cat owners; unique urns for these exotic pets are available.



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