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The Pineapple Express slaps California

The Pineapple Express gives California that there is rain in the future.
The Pineapple Express gives California that there is rain in the future.
Sidney Drabkin

The Pineapple Express hit the San Francisco Bay Area with a slap that could be felt all the way into the California's Sierras.

The Pineapple Express is a river of warm storms from the Hawaiian Islands to the west coast of California. This time it hit and broke the high that was preventing winter storms from hitting California, which caused a drought in the state. When this happened, the jet stream that carries rain storm clouds dropped down towards the San Francisco Bay Area and joined the Pineapple Express, hence California had heavy cold rain.

The interesting thing about this is that the Pineapple Express usually hits California, when it does hit California, in early or late December, not in February. Does this mean that California is going to have rain into June or July, because the express was late?

Snow sports, can now begin in California if we have real cold days and nights. If you are a ski enthusiast, the closest place to ski from the San Francisco Bay Area is Dodge Ridge Ski Resort (, which is only 160-miles and about 30-miles of snow miles. If you like to gamble, like they do in the Tahoe area, there is an Indian Casino about twenty-miles from the ski resort.

Remember, any sky resort, which you plan to go to, always call to see if they are open or what the conditions are.