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The Pill is prescribed for your ailing golf game

Practice your putting and chipping with The Pill
Practice your putting and chipping with The Pill
Photo Courtesy of The Pill

Struggling around the greens?

Putts not holding their lines?

Chips coming up short?

The pin may only be 10 - 20 yards away, but is it taking you three or four strokes to get you ball in the hole?

You might need to take The Pill. Or use The Pill as your next golf practice and training aid.

The Pill could also make the perfect Father's Day gift.

The Pill is a golf ball, or part of a golf ball you can use to practice your pitching, putting and chipping.

Try it and you will get immediate feedback on which direction your clubface is facing at impact.

Per The Pill, here is your diagnosis:

If you hit the ball off-center in either an open or closed position, The Pill will wobble and roll at a curve.

Elite golfers are using The Pill. That list would include Sergio Garcia and John Senden.

I've noticed The Pill helping me immediately on lag putts. Where in the past, my lag putts tended to go left and end up short, they are now holding a line and I seem to be judging green speeds better.

Is that The Pill helping?

I think so, because I can use The Pill anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, in a hotel room- it's addictive.

Yes, The Pill can be addictive for your golf game.

The Pill is available online at and also in Golf Galaxy stores at $12.95 for the single Pill and $37.95 for the three-Pill pack and the cool tote bag.

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