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The Pilgrim: Owen Campbell announcements and interview

Aussie musician hits the US.
Owen Campbell

From the time I was a child I've always loved discovering new music, and because of this, I'll often find myself digging through the depths of YouTube at 5am looking for something I've never heard before. This is how I found Owen Campbell, once known as the “Angry Busker” on Australia's Got Talent, now known as one of the most talented rising stars. Owen has a style like no other of modern music, as he seems to be conjuring up the skill and flair of music greats of yesteryear. With his guttural and bluesy, yet soft and defined voice he takes wherever he goes by storm. His sound enthralled me, so I reached out to his manager to set up an interview. Read on to see the interview where Owen talks about everything from his inspiration to his love life.

E: How are you enjoying the United States?

OC: I like it, yeah, the crowds here really show you whether they're interested or not. Back home some people stand there, I like when they show you when they like what you're doing. I don't want my music to be neutral, I want you to either like it or not. I don't want people to react like they're listening to elevator music.

E: What inspirations do you have with your music?

OC: Oh, Uh, Van Morrison, The Band, I have many really.
E: What about Bob Dylan?
OC: Well of course, Dylan!

E: For all the girls out there reading this, are you single?

OC: Actually, I'm not. Yeah, I have a girlfriend. The only bad thing is the timing, she came in my life as I was getting ready to tour.

E: What other instruments do you play?

OC: Oh I play all sorts, banjo, drums. Ooh, my hotel room actually has a drum set in it, so that's pretty cool.

E: How do you feel about the Angry Busker title you were given?

OC: (laughs) Oh god, yeah I wasn't too fond with that really, I didn't think I was being that angry honestly, but if it helps people discover my music, then I guess it's good.

E: What made you choose the name “The Pilgrim” for your new album?

OC: I didn't choose it honestly, I didn't like it at first because of the religious undertones it gives off, but it is what it is.

E: Do you feel this album is any different from your previous?

OC: Yeah, I mean we have some new sounds on this one, it's more put together than the last. I have a lot of good songs on this one, and it's more professional than my last. I had a lot of fun with it.

E: Do you have any plans for a full United States tour any time soon?

OC: Actually yeah, we have plans to start it off this summer.

OC: How is the weather in Chicago?

E: It's odd, the summers are ridiculously hot, and the winters are ridiculously cold.

The interview then was switched around, and he began to ask questions. We talked about his plans, which places in the United States he should see and then some. Owen is a rather nice guy, who has some rather nice tunes.

Owen has just released his new album titled “The Pilgrim” which features some of his best tracks to date. He has also embarked on a tour of The United States, which will be landing in Chicago June 19th and June 20th. These are sure to be shows that you do not want to miss, as Owen will have you foot stomping and singing through the whole night. For more information on Owen and his North American tour, please click here.

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