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The Piano Guys will grace Wang Theatre

promotional image of The Piano Guys
promotional image of The Piano Guys
The Piano Guys

It may only be May, but have you considered your holiday concert plans yet? While Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a classic show for the Boston area during winter, it's fun to branch out. The Piano Guys will be returning to the Citi Performing Arts Center’s Wang Theatre in Boston on Dec. 9, 2014 for a show at 7:30 PM. We can think of several reasons to purchase your tickets right away. They become available for purchase on May 9 at 10:00 AM, seven months ahead of the event. Why not wait until it's closer? The Piano Guys have 2.8 million subscribers on Youtube. They're popular and with Boston's love of music, you will want to secure yourself a ticket. Keep in mind that Boston has prestigious music schools like The New England Conservatory of Music and Berklee College of Music. You can also find the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Video Game Orchestra around here. Clearly music is a priority in this city.

The Wang theatre is beautiful. This is a quote from a previous article: “You could spend hours bewitched by the gold leaf surfaces, various paintings, marble, ornate chandeliers, Greco-Roman protruding statues and other décor.” It is the perfect venue for elegance and accoustics.

The Piano Guys are an internet sensation. They have about 50 music videos to choose from, most with a common theme. Paul Anderson said “we love showcasing the beauty of the earth—where people don’t expect to find classical instruments.” He is describing their use of breathtaking scenes with a piano and cellos. The group is mostly known for their cover songs, but they also have fantasticly beautiful originals with an epic sound.

If you don't check them out on YouTube, you are doing yourself a disservice. Most of the videos have a fun description about the video and it's worth it to learn a little more about behind the scenes, etc. Some of our favorite music videos include:

-They started a wonders of the world theme with two of their videos entitled “The Mission/How Great Thou Art” and “Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends” Those videos as well as “Desert Symphony (Southern Utah's Landscape)” could easily be used by travel agents.

-They have a version of the enormously popular “Let It Go” from Disney's Frozen. They were also inspired from Vivaldi's “Winter.”

-They collaborated with Lindsey Stirling with “Mission Impossible Theme”. It was their chance to have a little fun with slapstick comedy.

-“Angels We Have Heard On High” features four musicians all playing on the piano in innovative ways. This is also featured in their version of One Direction's “What Makes You Beautiful” but with all 5 players.

-For a cute video aimed at amusing a dog, check out “Rudolph - Merry Christmas.” He winds up playing the piano while upside down.

-We found the over-the-top bonding in “Me and My Cello: Happy Together” absolutely hilarious and were charmed by the scene in the art gallery.

-The Piano Guys dabble in world music when they took ColdPlay's “Paradise” and made “Pepori.” Be sure to read the details about how they got that piano lifted onto location with a helicopter. They must not have been Boy Scouts, because they were unprepared and forgot to bring food and beverages. Good thing they had a good natured pilot to bring them fast food.

-We mentioned Trans-Siberian Orchestra. No doubt, you've heard their version of “Carol of the Bells”. The Piano Guys also have a version of that song meant for 12 cellos. Check it out.

-"Cello Wars” is a very popular star wars parody. Spoiler: Their bows turn into light sabers. Then, Darth Vader enters the area and starts playing the accordion. They make it look as nerdy as possible and it's laughed off.

-For an example of their beautiful classical crossover, listen to “Moonlight - Electric Cello” which was inspired by Beethoven's “Moonlight Sonata.”

-For a good mashup of all their videos and a behind the scenes look, you can view “Skydiving with a cello and more”

-Finally, if you want a sneak peek at what it might be like to see them live, be sure to watch “Beethoven's 5 Secrets" live. There is also a mastered version.

If you wish to purchase tickets, contact the Wang Theatre box office or go to You can choose regular seats or Gold Circle seating to receive merchandise and a meet and greet after the concert.

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