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'The Philanthropist' will never forget Paris


In The Philanthropist's (|shows|dropdown) third episode, Teddy Rist (James Purefoy []), and Olivia (Neve Campbell []) and Philip (Jesse L. Martin []) Maidstone travel to Paris to negotiate a business deal.  While there, they run in to an old friend of Olivia's named Isabelle (Linda Hardy []), who is living there and working for Bayonne (Karel Roden []).  Bayonne plays the role of legitimate businessman, but in reality his business is anything but legitimate.  Once Olivia finds out what her friend is involved in, she promises to help her get out of the sticky predicament with the help of Teddy and Philip.  But Teddy and company soon find that as unseemly as things seem, they're even worse than they imagined, and cleaning it up becomes a task that may just get the better of them, if they're not careful.

This episode, like the previous two, is nothing short of excellent.  It's fun, sexy, cool, action-packed, suspenseful, timely, and moving, all with ease.  Who could ask for anything more?