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'The Philanthropist' stays classy in San Diego

In this episode, Teddy Rist (James Purefoy []) receives a bill for one of his credit cards which is flush with charges including, but not limited to tattoo parlors, charitable donations, and strip clubs, which is pretty much par for the course (well, maybe not the tattoo parlors).  Now Teddy doesn't remember accruing these charges, but again, that's pretty much par for the course.  Well, except for the fact that this time he's not misremembering (thank you, Roger Clemens []), because he was having too good of a time making the charges, but because this time he really didn't make the charges.  No, this time Teddy's been the victim of identity theft, and he and Dax (Michael K. Williams []) track the thief to San Diego--Teddy preferring to clear up the mess himself rather than just going through the credit card company like a normal person would.  Why?  Well, partly because he's a self-made man and that's what self-made men do, and partly because he's intrigued and relishes the opportunity to come face to face with his Doppelganger.  But that extra relish turns out to be way more than he bargained for.  And while Teddy's away, Philip (Jesse L. Martin []) and Olivia (Neve Campbell []) find out a sobering truth that could spell the end for Maidstone-Rist's charitable foundation.

An all-around good episode, with everyone involved giving their level best--nothing more, nothing less.  There are better episodes to watch, if you've never seen The Philanthropist ( before, but if you're already a regular viewer, this one's a welcome edition to the show's growing library.


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