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The Petropolitan: Full-service pet care in downtown Dallas

The Zen-Pen, one of The Petropolitan's Play-care areas
The Zen-Pen, one of The Petropolitan's Play-care areas
Courtesy of The Petropolitan

Don't let the upscale vibe in this trendy downtown pet boutique/groomer/hotel fool you...The Petropolitan is a refreshing change from other top-notch pet services businesses. They are friendly, reasonably priced, knowledgeable, and accommodating...everything you want in a doggie day care.

The Petropolitan is located on the corner of Harwood and Wood in downtown Dallas, a convenient location for many downtown workers. The storefront is unassuming, but when you walk in you'll notice how huge it feels. The Petropolitan is a full-services pet care center, and has facilities for grooming, boarding, day care, and a boutique - not to mention several knowledgeable and helpful employees that are more than willing to speak at length with you and answer any questions you might have.

The boutique is front and center of The Petropolitan, and is bursting with items from leashes to jewelry to clothes. The Petropolitan supports local vendors; a majority of the items they sell are from US-based companies and a large percentage are from the DFW area. They also try to supply the store with as many green products as possible.

The dogs are boarded in kennels that are located in one of the back rooms of the facility, close to the grooming areas. I use the word "rooms" loosely; I didn't see any doors within the store on my visit. All the rooms are in an open plan so that the employees can hear and see almost every room from the center of the facility.

Boarding packages include play care, so dogs of similar sizes and temperaments are allowed to play together after a brief evaluation period. The staff sometimes pairs very social and laid-back dogs with new arrivals to help them get acclimated to the environment, sort of like a doggie "buddy system". They have four play areas, each with a different theme, so that they can group them easily.

The philosophy of The Petropolitan is that they allow dogs to be dogs. That means no quieting the dogs when they feel like "talking," no scheduled nap times (they'll fall asleep when they get tired enough), and walks are part of their day. And a walk means just that - a real walk. They take "urban hikes" ranging from 1 to 2 miles throughout downtown, including a Farmer's Market Tour, City Hall Hike, and City Parks Tour. On very hot days, they still walk but the distance is shortened to a quarter-mile to ensure the safety of all the dogs in their care.

There is a misconception that many people have about the affordability of The Petropolitan. "Quality care should be available to everyone, whether they make $7 an hour or $70 thousand a year. It's all about the dogs." Day care packages are as low as $10 for a half-day, they provide discounts for multiple pets, and their grooming packages never include an up-charge for specialty shampoos. The safety and comfort of your dog is their utmost concern. The groomers always file the nails instead of clipping and they also use the T-Touch massage method to keep your pooch calm during his spa session.

For more information about The Petropolitan and their services, please visit their new website at or call them at (214) 741-4100.

The Petropolitan, 408 South Harwood Strett, Dallas, TX 75201


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